Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore is the Founder, Co-Producer and Co-Host of the LGBT Wellness Summit. She is a visionary leader who has followed her passion for making a difference in the world for almost two decades. As a Doctor of Divinity for the past 18 years, Lisa has served as a spiritual counselor, and she holds many certifications in the realm of the healing arts. Her compassion, depth of knowledge, and experience in both the physical and nonphysical worlds, provide the foundation for her profoundly transformational sessions.

Lisa currently works with a few select clients in her private practice. In order to serve a larger community, she has developed a mastermind model for people to have support, learn empowering tools, and have a sense of community from all over the world. In addition to leading mastermind groups, she is working in collaboration with travel companies, to provide retreats globally. Her upcoming events can be found at:

Lisa enjoys traveling, learning and just being with her partner Leslie, and any time spent with her kids is always cherished.

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