Lisa Moore teaches and counsels her clients to realize their own magnificence and authenticity. She is proud to be a spiritual visionary and leader, empowering the LGBT and straight ally community.

Lisa Moore | Spiritual Coach, Author and Speaker

Lisa Moore is a visionary leader who has followed her passion for making a difference in the world for almost two decades. As a Doctor of Divinity for the past 18 years, Lisa has served as a spiritual counselor, and she holds many certifications in the realm of the healing arts. Her compassion, depth of knowledge, and experience in both the physical and nonphysical worlds, provide the foundation for her profoundly transformational sessions.


Lisa Moore is the Founder, Co-Producer and Co-Host of the LGBT Wellness Summit. She is a visionary leader who has followed her passion for making a difference in the world for almost two decades. As a Doctor of Divinity for the past 18 years, Lisa has served as a spiritual counselor, and she holds many certifications in the realm of the healing arts. Her compassion, depth of knowledge, and experience in both the physical and nonphysical worlds, provide the foundation for her profoundly transformational sessions.

In order to serve a larger community, she has developed a mastermind model for people to have support, learn empowering tools, and have a sense of community from all over the world. In addition to leading mastermind groups, she is working in collaboration with travel companies, to provide retreats globally. Her upcoming events can be found at:

Lisa enjoys traveling, learning and just being with her partner Leslie, and any time spent with her kids is always cherished.


Jeff Nixon, Sedona, Arizona
My name is Dr. Jeff Nixon. I have been practicing chiropractic for almost 30 years and have been a student of A Course In Miracles since 2004. I thought I knew what my purpose was for in this lifetime but I was not sure and lacked confidence and trust in myself of what that was. But then I met Lisa and she talked to me about what she was doing here in Sedona, so I thought I should have a session with her to experience what she does. WOW! Am I glad I made that choice. The reason... I have had a block connecting with my higher self, spirit whatever you want to call it for guidance. I was also having a problem hearing and seeing anything in my spirit mind. I was amazed! Lisa took me on a journey in my mind. It took her very little time to help me remove my blocks and allow words and pictures to start forming in my mind (in color). I met and saw my spirit guides and they told me their names. On my journey I also received gifts to help me with my purpose here. I could go on but I highly recommend that you join with Lisa and find out on your journey what is waiting for you.I believe it will save you time instead of wandering around in the desert.Oh, what I loved most was her humility. She said I would receive the channeling and instead of her. That is exactly what happened. It really built up my confidence. I did not know I could see or hear so clearly. Thanks Lisa. It was fun. Blessings.
Valerie, Tampa, FL
I first met Lisa when I lived Flagstaff. I went down to Sedona one day when I was really lost and couldn't figure out what to do. I needed to decided whether or not I was going to leave the relationship I was in or not. I walked in and looked through the book of advisors and for whatever reason chose her with tears in my eyes. Somehow I knew it was going to be good. I walked in and immediately felt comfortable, I even took off my shoes. I really only gave her my birthday and name and she did all of the talking. I just sat there and listened! It was amazing how she picked up on the relationship status, how I was ready to move on and that I would be moving to Florida. I hadn't said a thing. She picked up on stuff that no one else would know. She was very healing and helped me to clarify so much that I felt stuck with. She continues that today. She is a very important part of my spiritual growth.
R.S., Culver City, CA
Here is the thing. Here in California, there are so many healers and such, you never know where to go. I was so lucky to find Lisa. I guess "guided" would be a better word. Her gifts transcend the mere processes others use. The love she channels is truly Divine love. I know that, because, as a gay man, I have been ostracized from other spiritual groups. Through Lisa, I not only found healing, but confirmation that I am supposed to walk through this life as a gay man. Want proof? She helped me lose my blockages, and I found a new boyfriend who is also a spiritual person! Thanks so much, Lisa! You were truly a 'God-send.'
JJ, Toronto, Canada
When my 16 year old daughter came out to me as a lesbian, I was devastated. As a mother of 3 children, all well developed, you can only imagine how hurtful this was to me and my husband. We all know that Toronto has many LGBTQ people, but when it happens to YOU, it is a different story. Through Lisa's phone calls, I learned the problem was not with my daughter. Lisa channeled so much love from Spirit that I know in my heart that our entire family is loved, blessed, and OK just the way we are. Now, I am kind of excited about raising a lesbian daughter! I know that I will learn so much more about Spirit through her! I am so blessed to know you, Lisa.
C.S., Tampa
A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Lisa Bufton for guiding me on my "enlightened path" of life. Dr. Lisa has been working with me since the summer of 2010, and I have made leaps and bounds in beating to the drum of my higher self. She has a unique gift for allowing me to "discover" my own answers, providing intuitive guidance along the way. I am grateful for her coaching in all arenas of my life: mind, body and spirit. The Divine is with Dr. Lisa and I feel that I have become a more enriched person as a result of working with this dynamic individual. May the Universe continue to bless this spiritual leader as she shines love on all of those who cross her path.
Donna AG Kingman, President, Kingsvision Entertainment & PR
I've had the pleasure of working with Lisa Bufton over the last 10 years on several projects. She is a highly intuitive, evolved individual that draws on numerous modules to help heal her patients. Lisa's objective is to get them to their breakthrough moment.
Sat Nam, DamaDe, World Yoga Mission,
Lisa, Growing Yogini. Medium for Angelic Council. Guide for many.single mother raising 3 college age students.I met Lisa a while back after a yoga class in Naples, Florida.The first thing I noticed about her was her forthrightness, her phenomenal ability to communicate and clear Angelic eyes. And if she hadn't approached me that day, I may not have broadened my community in Naples like I have. She single-handily brought so many light-workers together for the Empowerment Project.Lisa is Power. She is a nurturer, a natural net worker, bright, and most of all in service of others. She gets it. She truly gets it!I know not the so-called "hard facts" of Lisa. I do feel her basic essence,however, and her essence is good, pure and beauteous. I feel her vulnerability and softness too.May she be held in high regards and in good company with learning folks as we journey in time together as a collective.
Dear Lisa, During the 2005 Hay House Conference ‘I Can Do It!’ in Orlando, I had a pleasure to obtain reading from Lisa Bufton.I was drawn to her business card after Doreen Virtue's workshop ‘Working with Angels’. I must say that her reading revealed to me many aspects of my life that I was not aware of before. It is interesting to note that I have many psychic friends who had given me a lot of very good readings, I by myself also have some skills in this area. Lisa however was able to center on extremely important aspects of my life coming to me in next few years, that everybody else missed so far. Her reading was soon confirmed by other psychics, some of them very renowned like Sonia Choquette.The most amazing event happened after the reading when I mentioned that according to Lisa for some changes in my life I would have to wait for at least 4 years and I was not really ready to wait that long. Lisa looked straight into my eyes and said – "We all have free will, isn’t it? So we can create our life, as we want it."Her words were bouncing in my mind as I was walking to a conference room. I realized that we really have much more impact over our life than we expected and the reading just reflected a lack of my energy in this area of my life. So I created in my mind a strong desire to change it. In next 24 hours my life has changed forever in the way I was always only dreaming about, and now I keep actively working on this concept.I would like to say thank you to Lisa not only for the phenomenal reading she gave me, but also for inspiring me to change my life. Namaste.
Dear Lisa, I came across your card one Sunday at the Unity church in Fort Myers. I have been thinking that what I needed in my life was to figure out why I was feeling sad and hopeless in many ways. I knew that I wanted to see a hynotherapist to help me heal and I had been asking for guidance as to find someone that can be a channel for this to happen. Your business card just popped out at me on the bulletin board and it said exactly what I was looking for. When I called you, just your voice gave me a sense of ease and I knew that I have found the source that I was looking for. When I met you the first time it was refreshing and I was a bit scared to think that I was depositing all this trust into someone that I did not know. However, all our talks and sessions have given me such a relief to know that there are true light workers that are here to help us get connected with higher dimensions. I had trouble in my relationship with my husband. That was my main concern. I did not want to let go of things that were serving no purpose in my life. Now, I feel a new me, I feel that I can control my thoughts and be more positive. I can see life in a different way. It is a lot work to do, but you taught me how to do it. You encourage me to heal myself and respected anything I wanted to do. I am so thankful you have come across my path. Although I know there is work still to be done in my life, you gave me the biggest head start of all. I enjoy so much all our conversations and all the encouragement you give me. I am forever thankful and want to be your student for life. Namaste.
Elizabeth Hill, President, Catherine Hill Foundation,
I recently attended a spiritual workshop put on by Lisa Moore and Helle Brisson. I can only describe the experience as extraordinarily profound.I lost my twin sister, Catherine, in 2002. Since that time I have have visited several mediums, psychics and other metaphysical teachers and have had many interesting spiritual encounters. However, Lisa's ability to channel clear and powerful messages from angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides was beyond anything I have ever witnessed.I will never forget the moment when the sun suddenly burst through the window after raining all day, as Lisa relayed great words of wisdom from Mother Mary, Archangel Michael and Jesus.Not only did Lisa bring each of us remarkable messages, but she also taught us to receive our own guidance from angels, masters, guides, and deceased loved ones.Lisa, thank you for giving me this stunning and deeply moving experience.
Erin, Woodstock, Ga
Lisa has been my mentor and teacher for the last four years. She has taught me so many lessons about life and relationships.Her greatest gift is in her teachings.I have learned how to love myself, how to love others and how to give forgiveness.Thanks Lisa for given me these insights into life.
Marjorie, PA
Lisa, You are a wonderful woman filled with both VISION and FAITH! Your light shines beautifully for all to see! Thank you!
E.B., BD/CHT/MS, Hiawassee, Ga
I found Lisa's energy to be pure and powerful. Her information was direct, grounded & very useful.
Kim, Texas
Dear Lisa, Your multi-faceted abilities to connect with the divine and be guided by those beings who are so eager to guide us continue to amaze me. When I needed additional help to clear the spirit of a little boy who continued to live in the upstairs bedroom suite of my bed and breakfast in Texas, you offered just the right solution. I followed your direction and it turned out to be a win-win situation for everyone; for me and for the little one who so longed to pass over into the light. And again, when I asked you for guidance as a result of remembering past sexual abuses (at age 53) you again prescribed just the right guidance for me to be able to find my own answers and finally put to rest these vague memories that have plagued me for so long. You offer constant affirmations and confirmations to me in my own healing practice and I am so very grateful to call you a profoundly gifted mentor and a dear, dear friend. Love and Blessings.
Words are just not sufficient. How can you thank someone that has given you a way to live your life without anger? Lisa has shown that to me, so now my soul is peaceful and there is a smile on my face. Thank you so much for everything. Luv ya.
Frans, Netherlands
Dear Lisa, I want you to congratulate you with your mission. During the ATP training from Doreen Virtue, I have seen and often felt your incredible energy andpower. You are one of the most gifted and empowering people I have ever seen and a true and powerful lightworker. I am very glad and honored that we have been together during that week and that we did get to know each other. Love and blessings/
Othene from Woodstock
I have worked with and known Lisa Bufton for the last 5 years and have always found her to be very uplifting and personable in every encounter. Lisa has many gifts that she generously shares. The one that stands out for me, is her knack of bringing people together. She has a wealth of knowledge in her area of expertise, that includes homeopathic/meditaion/energy work, and has traveled extensively giving seminars and lectures around the USA and abroad. I have employed Lisa to facilitate seminars at my business, The Center For Yoga, and have found her to be very well received and sort after. Her delivery of her material was eloquent, and motivating. Mostly Lisa is a credible example of living her truth. As she shines light and love to all she meets, encouraging us to be our best selves, promoting our responsibility to heal ourselves, and loving us into nurturing friendships.
Laura from Zurich
You are fab at this and are as talented as any of them out there! You have been at it a long time and are so energetically ready there should be no holding you back!Got to love it!Go for it girl!! Love,Laura
Joan from Toronto
Lisa has been an integral part of our family for several years. Her positive energy has touched all our lives. Her compassion and teachings have guided us through crippling grief, issues around aging parents, teenage turmoil, raising an indigo child and a search for our own spiritual selves. Her kind, compassionate and wise words have opened the door to reconnecting with ourselves and loved ones. Our family thanks Lisa for the light and love she continues to shine on all of us. We are truly blessed.
Lorelei Roswell, GA
Lisa is a very gifted healer and spiritual teacher. She has great intuitive abilities as a medium and channel. I have experienced deep transformation and have been able to make important shifts in my life as a result of her inspiration and guidance and encouragement. Love you.


My aim for this writing is to be a healing, an inspiration, a source of hope and forgiveness, and a catalyst for change. My personal journey, client case studies, helpful tips, and teachings of the masters are the foundational materials I am providing here. I genuinely hope my experiences, my vulnerability and my successes will assist you in whatever way benefits your best interests.

Keep in mind that this material will be creating and stirring up a hearty dose of feelings, memories, and emotions. Learn how and what to let go, to surrender that which no longer serves to better your soul, our community, and our collective whole. You may be surprised at what enters your life when there is a clean, fresh energy about you.

For a limited time, I am offering you a free copy of my own personal journey and in reaching the end of this book, I sincerely hope you have a deeper knowledge of your purpose and are living in a newly refreshed and replenished way. As you set your intention, know that you are a powerful master of your universe.

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